AMTCO., LTD always interested and build a professional working environment, friendly, besides binding modes, superior support policy for company employees. Through it, employees can secure work and the ability to unleash his career to the development company and reap success.



  • Enjoy the month / quarter in accordance evaluate job performance (KPI) of employees 
    13 months salary 
    Seniority allowance 
    The social insurance, unemployment insurance by law 
    Accident insurance, death 
    Happy Married Gifts 
    Gifts for female employees maternity 
    Birthday Gifts annually 
    Rice Support 
    Phone support and gasoline vehicles 
    Annual vacation 
    Bonus / gift for the big day Lunar New Year, new year, death anniversary of the Hung, Victory Day & Labor International, National Day, International Women's Day, International Children's Day, New Year Autumn. 
          In addition to the above policies, AMTCO., LTD also many other incentive compensation for senior personnel.